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We want your student to succeed!

Is your student struggling to understand the concepts in class or, perhaps just a little behind in their work?  We understand every student is different and learns at their own pace, by their own means and we're here to help.

At Tutor Magic, our goal is helping your student succeed in whatever capacity, whether it be ACT, SAT, Mathematics, Language Arts or even Study Skills.  We have very capable tutors, some considered the top around the St. Louis area, who have years experience in Education, Special Education, Mathematics, English/Language Arts, and tutoring in general.  They come from various and sundry backgrounds within education, as well, so as to cater to your student's needs.

We offer many packages, from our starter 3-hour/2 session package to our 24-hour/16 session package in a variety of subjects, with the ability to purchase most of our plans directly from the site.  If you have a question about any of our packages, don't hesitate to contact us for details, as we are willing to work within most any budget.  

Also offered is a fantastic Special Education program, which you can find out more about here.

In addition, there is a direct way to contact Jason instantly at the bottom of the page if you have any quick question regarding homework, are stuck on a topic writing a paper or if you have any other question pertaining to our services.  Tutoring doesn't end when the tutor leaves; we're here to help your student succeed as much as we can. 

We look forward to helping your student learn and succeed.

To set up a tutoring appointment by phone, call us at 314-485-9518.  If you want to email us, you can reach us at support@TutorMagicSTL.com or use our Contact Us page.  We also have the capacity to provide online tutoring.  Inquire about our new service through any of our contact methods. 

*Please read our FAQ regarding assessment tests.